Biological Treatments, 21st Century Medicine. Research and Training at the II García Cugat Foundation Meeting

The Garcia Cugat Foundation is holding its second meeting and will focus on various aspects of biological therapies. The event will be held on Saturday 27th October at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Murcia.

The purpose of the meeting is to share information on the most advanced research in this field that is currently underway and at the same time serve as a training ground in biological therapies for doctors and veterinarians who wish to specialize in this area.


It will also be an opportunity to take stock of a decade of applying Growth Factors for Dr. Ramon Cugat, a founding member of The García Cugat Foundation, who will open the session.

For research in biological therapies, multidisciplinary work is essential in this regard including clinical and biomechanical research in animals and cell cultures.

With work in osteoarthritis in dogs using growth factors and stem cells by Dr. Jose Maria Carrillo, University CEU Cardenal Herrera Valencia and Juan Manuel Dominguez, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cordoba having promising results.

Also attending the meeting is Dr. Alexandre Tarragó of IVOT (Veterinary Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology), who pioneered the use of growth factors in veterinary.

Drs Ana Wang Saegusa, expert in antiaging medicine and Deborah Chicarro focus their research on skin recovery with growth factors. Recovery times for wounds with the use of growth factors are shorter.

Dr. Victoria Moreno from the Prince Felipe Research Centre will present the progress of her studies in dogs with the application of stem cells, which is their strength and where they act.

With Dr. Silvia Ramon, Director of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Department Hospital Quiron Barcelona analyzing the different physical processes also used in addition to Growth Factors to regenerate tissues.


PRGF, growth factors, one single product? Is the Title of the presentation to be given by Dr. Montserrat García-Balletbó head of the Department and Laboratory Director of the Department of Regenerative Medicine Hospital Quiron Barcelona, one of the researchers with the most experience in obtaining Growth Factors and current President of the García Cugat.Foundation.

“Right now there is much confusion in the use of the term Growth Factors” says Dr. Garcia- Balletbó “it is a generic term, but there are many types of growth factors and many techniques on the market to produce them. The optimal result with Growth Factors varies depending on the protocol for obtaining them “and she stresses the need for further research and especially training in this area.

Finally doctors Xavier Cuscó and Pedro Alvarez, members of Dr. Ramon Cugat’s team present their experience in the clinical application of Growth Factors in Traumatology.


The session also dedicates a space to Communication, analyzing the new possibilities that the internet and social networks pose in the health sector, presented by Montserrat Boix journalist at TVE NEWS and specialist in digital communication and Web 2.0

Among the goals the García Cugat Foundation has, is training and impartation not only at meetings but also using “Online” options, Webs, blogs, social networking, fundamental areas for exploration.

The meeting can be followed on twitter at the hashtag #fgarciacugat2012

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